Fascinate Eyes with D’EYEKO Eyelashes



Some women like using false eyelashes. But there are still many women who are antipathetic to the object. Honestly I included in it. I only used 1 time during the life of the lashes. It seems really complicated. I decided not to use false eyelashes anymore. but everything changed after I used D’EYEKO eyelashes. To enhance the appearance we can focus on one part only. Eyes are always the center of attention. In addition to using eyeshadow and eyeliner you can also add false lashes to beautify our eyelashes.

D’EYEKO eyelashes are very different. It is softer, ligther and natural look. D’EYEKO made ​​from real hair and therefore when you use it will still feel comfortable for your eyes. And of course the effect given by D’EYEKO is amazing. In addition to providing a remarkable effect, how it is very easy to use and do not need to look for glue because it available in it. False eyelashes with a minimalist design is perfect for those who want to look natural without using additional visible eyelashes. Very suitable for everyday use or on special occasions. Designed for all forms of people’s eyes in Indonesia and safe for contact lens users. Eyelashes are made from 100% natural hair that already sterilized, so it looks and feels like the original eyelashes. Very light, easy to use, very comfortable on the eyes and can be used repeatedly.

D'Eyeko by Olga Lydia

D’Eyeko by Olga Lydia


Free SMS on Gmail

Dear Reader,

I just found a new feature of gmail via notification. The pop up says that Gmail now introduce a SMS feature on the web. I’d like to share about free SMS on gmail Account. Gmail had a feature to send SMS to your Gmail contact list. Thanks Google, to makes life easier. To try the feature we can do the step as follow :

  1. add contact to your contact listGmail contact
  2. type the name of your contact person on Chat and SMS textfieldChat and SMS
  3. on chat box type messages then Enter. Viola 🙂Chat box

There is a rule for this kind of SMS feature. There is a credit message for each contact person. When you send a message, the credit (Messages remaining) would be decrase by 1. But if you receive a messege from your contact person, your credit would be increase. In case your SMS credit goes down to zero at any point, it will increase back up to one 24 hours later. So, you won’t ever be locked out of the system.

Enjoy the feature 😉